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Pentagon Fuselage debris photo flight 77 ( 9/11 )

The pic bleow is a high res photo from
different version with high res is also found at ...

One thing that seems odd to me is that on the left of the picture, by the top rivet holes, there is a lighter area. It seems the light is shining through, where a few inches below, it is darker. This looks like the piece is paper thin, and see through !
It is visable in 2-3 places here. a see through plane ! what inovation!
Also what seems funny, is that the curvature is MUCH smaller than that of a Boeing. It looks to be about the size of my midsection. OK I am not a skinny bird, but i am surely not as big as a 757.
Are we to believe that the curvature here was an effect of the blast? It just happened to turn into a tubular/cigar shape?
all that and no burn marks !!!
Also what is that it is resting on?
Did someone fold some newspaper so that it wouldnt touch the grass?
It appears that there is a 'double skin". where part of the aluminum has ripped away.
You can see this on the left part which is turned upward.
The rivet holes also seem not to be ripped through.
 Such a violent force pulling this part away from the craft, and just these little holes?

Can we guess the distance between the vertical lines of rivet holes here?
OK , this is crude, but figure the grass couldnt be more than 2 inches tall, giving less than a foot between these lines of holes.

The rivet holes are uniform throughout the fuselage it appears.
Though i can not confirm this. In the photo (below) , the hard yellow lines indicate visible rivet hole lines from the planes picture. The green lines represent where i think they should be by measuring the pattern, and following through with that same pattern across. Though the rivet holes are not apparent on the original pic, this is my guess, feel free to send any updated info or images to me.

If the debris pic above shows a 1 ft seperation on the distance between the vertical lines of rivet holes, then these windows would be about 6 inches apart. Anyone ever been in a 757 with a 6 inch window?

Because the rivet hole patterns do not match any above, this "C" below seems the most likely suspect.
It is torn across the same spot it should be to have the rivet holes line up.

Looking at the rivet hole reference picture i created above, there should be a vertical line going up/down through the "C" about where it is ripped.
The problem with that theory is that it would have torn clean as the other line did, ripping along the rivet holes. It did not.

The most popular theory is the of the "N".
Although it seems to fit in some ways, it seems to me that the horizontal line of rivet holes, cutting across, should be seen here??
Also the vertical line the rips down throught the "N" means that there should be another set of rivet holes going up and down through the right side of the "N".
Though it is not visable in the photo above, i do not have a high enough resolution image to determine if this should be normal or not?


Where was this piece at?


I cant figure out something, the above photo shows the fire truck on an angle.
the below pic, shows the fire truck straight on?
If you were to move the camrea ( walk to your left as if you were shooting the pics)
then you would see more of the broadside of the truck, the red truck would be at an angle. The red truck in both pics are at the same angle.

This photo gives us an idea of the size of this debris compared to the tire of the truck.


This gives us an idea of how big a 757 is compared to the Pentagon, lawn etc...

Does the pic above seem big enough???

Is this piece in the same place ??


How come we DONT see it in the photo below?
This pic is clearly taken BEFORE the wall collapsed?

Other debris parts...

This small bit can be seen next to the large bit of debris in this photo...

This bit seems to have eluded the cameras on all of the other photos above...

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